The Authority of the Sons of God

A definition of authority is “delegated power” (Kenneth Hagin) and another definition is “the right to give orders or make decisions.”

This sharing is a comparison of Jesus’ and our authority with uses of the word for authority and doulos – a slave who was set free and then committed his life back to the master. A doulos accepts responsibility in a household and is entitled to use his name. We can see a great comparison and we need to remember that we have a position even greater than a servant just like Jesus Christ. Vertically we are sons, but on a horizontal level we can choose to be a doulos. There are four things that everyone can do.

  1. Be a spokesman for the Master – boldly preach and teach the Words of God
  1. Be the Master’s personal representative – not own ideas. We are “sent ones.”

Use his name in everything we do:

Colossians 3:16-17 APNT that his word may live in you richly with all wisdom. And teach and instruct yourselves in psalms and in hymns and in songs of the Spirit and sing with grace in your hearts to God.

and everything that you do in word and in work, do in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and give thanks by way of him to God the Father.

  1. Carry out the Master’s work with obedience
  • Authority to forgive sins: And the prayer of faith will heal him who is sick and our Lord will raise him, and if [any] sins were committed by him, they will be forgiven. (Jas. 5:15 MGI)
  • Authority over unclean spirits and every pain and disease: “And he called his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to cast [them] out and to heal every pain and disease.” (Matt. 10:1 APNT)
  • Authority over power of the enemy:

Acts 26:18 APNT that you should open their eyes, so that they will turn from darkness to the light and from the authority of Satan to God and they will receive forgiveness of sins and a portion with the holy [ones] by faith that [is] in me.

  1. Serve with love on horizontal level – “love one another”

Challenge to all of us: decide to walk out as sons of God with all power and use Jesus Christ’s name and walk with the same authority.