Growing in Faith: Waiting on the Lord

Hezekiah got sick right after the victory against the Assyrians and since he had no son, the Christ line would have been broken if he had not been healed. The revelation about his death changed when he humbled himself and cried out to God (2 Kings 20:1-7 and Psalm 116).

The word for “wait” is qavah in Hebrew and it means to entwine together, like the cords of a rope. The more we entwine our hearts with God’s heart of love for us, the stronger we will become. Waiting is a very active word and one way to be strengthened so we can mount up with wings as eagles (Isaiah 40:31) is to saturate our hearts with the words of the scriptures that bring hope (Psalm 130:5, 6). Eagles are designed to fly because they are built with hollow bones. The skeleton of an eagle weighs only a little over half a pound. They use the updrafts and thermals around the mountains where they live in order to soar. We are designed with the power of the Spirit to communicate with our Father and to get his answers and strengthening. Make the scriptures that are pertinent to our need as personal as possible and pray the scriptures,

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Please note that there was an error in saying the whole eagle only weighs 1/2 pound. It is just the skeleton that weighs so little. The eagle weighs somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds.