Ode to the Philippians

Ministries in the Book of Acts

Eph 4:8-13

Called by many terms: gift ministries, grace gifts, charismatic gifts, ascension gifts, divine enablements, ministers

“Doma” gifts (adapted from John MacArthur)

1. Essential

2. Can be counterfeited, not natural ability

3. Always unite the body

4. For the maturing of the believers

5. Come in many varieties

6. You can have a gift and not use it

7. There is a process of training and growing up

8. Energized by God for His glory

9. Gifts and calling of God are without repentance

10. The goal is to grow up into Christ and become the gift needed

Apostle: stimulates and brings vision

often unknown, can rise up after another gift is prominent has a jurisdiction

Prophet: speaks for God

not always liked (in with the good, out with the bad) Evangelist: preacher of good news of gospel

ministers to both unbelievers and the church

Pastor: tends, feeds, takes care of people (shepherd), most variety of all the gifts

Teacher: makes known and explains the Word and how to apply it has to be a learner first

In Philippi:


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