Compassion in Hebrew is racham. The action of the verb is “to be soft, gentle” and a related noun is the word for womb. The womb surrounds the baby and nurtures and protects it and provides the needs of the baby. That is the idea of God’s compassion in that it surrounds and protects. The baby is cushioned in water and fluid and its needs are supplied. That is the understanding of the phrase, “bowels of compassion.” Bowels are used in Hebrew thought to represent the tender feelings and emotions arising from inside – we might say our “heart.”

Jesus is the greatest example of being moved with compassion. With Christ in us, it causes us to be moved in situations with an inner groaning of desire to help to bring whatever is needed at a given time.

Definition summary:

Compassion is the total heart involvement of a believer, prompted by the spirit and directed towards the meeting of a particular need.