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Behold the Lamb (Sunday, 09 April 2023)

Moved With Compassion (Sunday, 31 July 2022)

Seek And You Will Find (Tuesday, 21 June 2022)

Grace for Grace (Saturday, 04 June 2022)

Stand Fast in Liberty (Sunday, 02 January 2022)

Illustration of the Temple (Tuesday, 11 January 2022)

Strengthened by the Shepherd (Sunday, 24 October 2021)

The Lord is My Shepherd (Saturday, 09 October 2021)

Rest, Peace and Reconciliation (Sunday, 10 October 2021)

Rest in the Lord (Sunday, 26 September 2021)

Counteracting the Spirit of Fear (Sunday, 29 August 2021)

Great is Thy Faithfulness (Sunday, 14 February 2021)

Zealous for Good Works (Sunday, 24 January 2021)

Captain of Salvation (Sunday, 10 January 2021)

Power in the Name of Jesus Christ - Part 1 (Sunday, 03 January 2021)

Power in the Name of Jesus Christ - Part 2 (Monday, 04 January 2021)

Forbearing One Another (Sunday, 13 December 2020)

In Your Strength (Monday, 23 November 2020)

Watching and Waiting (Sunday, 01 November 2020)

Oh the Blessedness (Sunday, 04 October 2020)

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April 21-22, 2012

El Paso Biblical Studies Fellowship

Jan Magiera and Trish Barbera


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