Evidence of the Gift of Holy Spirit: A Way of Life

A. Look for a Profiting Opportunity
I Cor 12:7
Mark 9:14‐29 epileptic boy
Isaiah 58:6

B. Watch and Be Ready to Obey
God energizes, 5 spiritual senses, cell phone on
John 5:30
Mark 2:1‐12 man with palsy
Wisdom first, then knowledge

C. Seek the Will of the Father
Faith & Discerning of spirits
Discerning ‐ meaning
Acts 13:5‐12 Elymas
Partnering spirits

D. You have Authority ‐‐ Go for it!
Healing & Prophecy
Jer 33:6 types of healing
Luke 8:41‐9:1 woman with issue of blood & Jairus’ daughter
Wholeness, shalom

E. Persist and Don’t Analyze
Expect Miracles every day
Above the natural
John 9:1‐7 man born blind

Friday Night Fellowship — What is a Testimony?

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