1       Psalm 1

  1  B  1  Blessed is the man who does not walk [live] in the way [manner, custom] of the wicked ones and does not stand in [remain in, occupy himself with] the thinking [counsel, opinion] of sinners and does not sit on the seat [dwelling place, thus company] of the mocking [scornful, scoffing] ones.

2          2  But his delight [will, desire, choice] is in the law [instruction] of the LORD and he will meditate on [read syllable by syllable, study, brood over] his law by day and night [meaning, all the time].

3          3  He will be like a tree that is planted [fixed, founded] by a stream [smaller than a river] of water, which gives its fruit in its time [season], whose leaves will not fall off [wither, dry up]. All that he does is successful [he accomplishes].

4          4  Not so the lawless [impious] ones! But they are like chaff that the wind scatters [drives away].

5          5  Because of this, the lawless ones will not stand in the judgment,[1] nor sinners in the assembly [congregation, synagogue] of the just ones,

6          6  because the LORD knows the way [road, path] of the just ones and the way of the lawless ones will be destroyed [be ruined, be lost, come to naught, perish].


[1] Var: Tar “in the great day”