Jesus Christ in the Offerings

Jesus Christ the Peace Offering

March 25, 2015  Fellowship Teaching

April 6, 2015 Resurrection Sunday

The Firstfruits Offering and the Resurrection Appearance to the Women

The first appearances of Jesus Christ after his resurrection were to Mary Magdalene and the other women. While it is yet dark, Jesus tells Mary Magdalene that she should not touch him and that he is ascending to his Father. Then later after the sun has already risen, Jesus appears to the other women and they clasp his feet. What is the difference that he allows the women later to touch him?

In between, Jesus as the high priest passes through the heavens to present himself to God as the firstfruits of those who have died and the firstborn from the dead. This wave offering parallels exactly what is going on in the temple at the morning sacrifice. This presentation is for our acceptance and justification and so that we can have peace and boldness. Those who believe that God raised Christ from the dead are then entitled to all the fullness of his inheritance.