The Red Thread 2008-2009

A Life For A Life

Study the concept of the Red Thread from the battle of Jericho and the story of Rahab.

The Unique One

Isaac is Abraham’s unique son, foreshadowing Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God.

Abraham’s Offering

Abraham received Isaac back from the dead in a figure, showing Isaac as a type of the resurrected Christ.

Living Water Living Bread

Study of the symbols of manna and water from records of Israel in the wilderness.

The Tabernacle Outline

The Way the Truth and the Life

Design of the tabernacle and its application to Christ.

The Tabernacle Part B

Jesus Christ in the Offerings

Study of all the types of offerings and how Jesus Christ fulfills all of them.

The Tabernacle Part C

God’s Prophetic Calendar

A study of the feasts

The Solid Rock

How Jesus Christ is the rock and complete foundation

Joshua the Captain of Salvation

Joshua relies on God completely to conquer the promised Land.

Jehovah Names

How Jesus Christ is the image of his Father

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Jesus Christ is the shepherd also.

David And Goliath

Study of the record of David conquering Goliath.

Summary of Red Thread Series