Fellowship Teaching Oct 13, 2013

Galatians 5:22, 23

Nature of Christ manifested in visible results

FAITH Word Picture

Strong’s 539 AMN – verb, 530 –noun

“Strong leader who waters (or brings water to) the seed” causing it to grow and bring forth life

Or “Strength that brings water to the seed”

Water is spiritual revelation and seed is the spirit

Rom 10:17 Faith comes by obedience of the Word (revelation)


1. Support, nourishment – Prov 13:;17 brings health

Example: Matt 9:20-22 woman touched the hem of Jesus’ garment

2. Make firm, constant, sure, reliable, confirm, establish, verify

AMEN: Let it be so!

Faithfulness: full of faith

Is 11:5 girdle of his loins: source of strength. Base every decision on God’s faithfulness

3. Cause to stand firm, steadfast, true, cause to trust

Example: Promises to Abram before he had children

ACTS 27:6ff.