Introduction to The Coming of the Son of Man – The Sequence of Events of the End Times


This book invites you to embark on a detailed scriptural journey of the sequence and time frames of the end time events from the gathering together to the new heavens and earth with the climax of the coming of the Son of Man. You will travel through biblical prophecies that reveal what can be clearly understood. Can we have comfort and confidence during the uncertainty of our times? Is there hope for the future? Definitely, yes!

Understanding the sequence of events of the end times will enable us to play a “movie” of the hope in our minds. It will answer such questions as, “Is there hope for the future?” and “When is the end of the age?” True hope is in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah, and his promised coming as the Son of Man.

There are various keys in this book about how to understand the end times, including a detailed look at biblical prophecies regarding Jesus Christ and his glorious appearing. These will enable the reader to know not only what to believe, but also how to discern with confidence what others say about the future.

God has given us a great hope through Jesus Christ who opened the pathway to the presence of God and provided an anchor for our souls. That hope gives us great confidence with no fear of what will happen in the future. Through a consideration of the scriptures regarding the end times and a knowing of God’s unfailing promises and love, we can wait patiently and confidently for the return of his Son and the complete and full redemption of mankind.

Excerpt from the Introduction

There are many books and teachings about the end times, some of which are very confusing and puzzling. Some teachers try to use prophecies from the Old Testament and the Gospels to point out the “signs of the times,” and that things that are going on in the world right now are the end times. Some even have gone so far as to set a date when the Lord is returning based on astronomical data or current earthquakes and wars. How does one sort through all these things?

I believe that the Bible is clear about many of the events of the end times and that we CAN know what is revealed. There are certainly things that will be revealed in the future and will unfold as the events occur. But part of the reason for the book of Revelation is that many events would be clarified. And further, there are blessings included in understanding these prophecies.

Revelation 1:1-3 APNT
The revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave to him to show to his servants what must happen soon. And he made [this] known when he sent by way of his angel to his servant John,
who gave witness to the word of God and to the witness of Jesus Christ, all that he saw.
Blessed [be] he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those [things] that are written in it, for the time has drawn near.

The purpose of this book is to present the events of the end times in sequential order so that there is a framework to use to evaluate other verses, especially from the Prophets. There are three key sections which need to be examined together in order to see the full sequence of the end times. Because of their clarity in identifying the sequence of events, the four Gospels were used as the first step, making sure all the details fit within that framework. Then Revelation was studied to fit what was already known from the Gospels. The order of the seven seals meshed perfectly with the Gospel records. Then the Old Testament books of the Prophets were studied to give added understanding of the details.

Because this whole topic is concerning the future and thus is prophecy, there is much yet to be understood. But there is a definite order and symmetry which God has revealed that is possible to examine and understand. Once this pattern is seen, then all of the records concerning the end times fit together without contradiction.

Enclosed is the entire chart which is used in the book:

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