Redemptive Names of God in the Epistles

The redemptive name of God in the Old Testament can be compared to the “I am” metaphors in the the gospel of John and this comparison shows how Jesus Christ was the complete perfect redeemer. This led me to think that those same qualities and characteristics that God showed to Israel could be documented in the Church epistles.  God has not changed and it is God in Christ in us, so everything that the Lord, Jehovah, is and was to Israel, we have within us.

As I was searching through the epistles, there are many verses that can be compared.  The most thrilling passage for me was seeing them all in the great “Magna Carta” chapter for the church, Romans 8.  So I thought you would be excited to see this too.  Below is a brief chart to highlight the specific verses, including the references in Psalm 23, with notes underneath.  Just reading the whole chapter of Romans 8 again in light of how God has given us complete perfect redemption is terrific.


Name O.T. Ref. Ps 23 John Romans 8
1.  Jehovah-jireh Gen. 22:13,14 vs 2a 6:35 8:1,2
2.  Jehovah-rapha Ex. 15:26 vs 3a 8:12 8:11
3.  Jehovah-nissi Ex.17:15 vs 4 10:7 8:26-28,37
4.  Jehovah-shalom Judges 6:24 vs 2b 11:25 8:6,30
5.  Jehovah-tsidkenu Jer. 23:6 vs 3b 14:6 8:10,33-34
6.  Jehovah-shammah Ezek. 48:35 vs 5,6 15:1 8:15,16
7.  Jehovah-raah Ps 23:1 vs 1 10:11 8:35-39


1. The Lord who provides — God has provided spiritual life in Christ Jesus, completely undeserved, and thus made us free from sin and death and condemnation.

2. The Lord who heals — We are completely whole spiritually and also He quickens our mortal bodies on account of the spirit.

3. The Lord our canopy — God is our complete protection and has fought the battle and we are victors in Christ (Col.1:13).  He makes us more that conquerors now and to help the spirit makes perfect intercession.

4. The Lord our peace — There are no more barriers between us and God our Father (Eph 2:18), but true peace, because He justified us.  (See also Rom.5:1-2).  To be spiritually minded then is peace.

5. The Lord our righteousness — We walk in the paths of righteousness, identified with Christ death and resurrection, and so have resurrection life now and eternally.

6. The Lord is present — When we speak in tongues we have the proof that we are in the presence of God and have his strength, his blessing as his children (See also Eph 3:16).

7. The Lord our shepherd — The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the spirit (Rom. 5:5); nothing can separate us from it.