Search the text of the New Testament Translation and compare to the King James Version and the Murdock translation..

Then search the Interlinear to find out the dictionary lexeme number and details about each verse and the words in the verse. Now you are ready to do a word study!

Then search the Lexicon to find more information about the definitions of the words. As you become familiar with the searches, you can go back and forth, but we recommend beginning with the order of the list.




The new IPhone App for the Aramaic New Testament Translation is ready! It works on IPhone, IPad and all IOS formats! Much thanks and appreciation to Jon Clayton, Naperville IL for his outstanding work!

Announcing the arrival of our new App of the Aramaic New Testament Translation for Android phones and tablets!

Now available on Google Play.  Click on the link to order.

Android app on Google Play

We are in the process of writing a new book on the Aramaic Root Pictures of the New Testament!

If you would like to read the introduction, click here.


I am happy to announce the publication of our translation as a Kindle Book. Both the original version and the Messianic version are available through Amazon for a very reasonable price!

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